Friday, December 13, 2019

Cyber Safety for children

Be CyberSmart:

1.    Be nice no matter how much something irks you. Ignore nasty posts or comments. Don't ‘fix’ people online.
2.    Don't write hate mails. Don't threaten anyone.
3.    A post can be traced to your laptop. You are not that anonymous on the internet.
4.    The Internet has an indefinite memory. Don't write something thinking it will evaporate in some time.
5.    Don't create fake IDs ever.
6.    Alert your friends if you notice multiple accounts with their pictures. Ask them to do the same for you.
7.    Cyberbullying and hacking are not fun; they are, in fact, illegal. You don't want to get jailed, right?
8.    Don't share nude pictures with ANYONE.
9.    Don't be frank about your political views. Don't be racist or sexist.
10. Don't believe the DPs and names. They can be fake
11. Don't befriend coolguy19 or hotchick16 unless you know them well personally.
12. Don't share your account passwords with anyone but your parents
13. Don't meet people befriended online, no matter how many common friends you have.
14. Don't share your phone number, home address, and school details.
15. Don't share other personal details like parents’ names, work, their credit card PIN
16. Don't visit porn-sites. Don't think that deleting history will help. What you search reflects in ‘suggested for you’
17. Keep your parents aware of your online activities. They can protect you better if they are aware.
18. You hide the wrong things from your parents, don’t you?