Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Those 50 questions

What do you generally ask your child when he/she returns from school? "How was your day?" or "What did you learn today?" or "Did you eat everything in the lunchbox?" are perhaps the most common ones we usually end up asking.

Do our questions tell us what we want to know or should know? Perhaps no.

Here is a list of 50 questions collectively shared by parents, psychologists, paediatricians and social workers. (This was done in an event at ConfidentLearning)

Hope this helps and keeps our children safe

How different am I from your teacher
In which period did you enjoy the most
In which period did you enjoy the least
Did anyone cry in your class today
Did anything funny happen today
How far is your locker from your classroom
Whom did you play with in the recess
Has someone lost locker keys recently
Did your teacher teach something you couldn't understand
What is the hardest rule you have to follow in the school
Did you help someone today
What activity you like to do the most/ least in the class
Do you like your teacher
Did you laugh today
What was the best thing that happened at school today
Did anyone say a joke today
Were the toilets clean
Who fought with whom today
Did you share your lunchbox with someone
Did someone share food with you
Where do you change uniform to get ready for sports
How is last year's teacher from this year's teacher
Whom did you talk with the most today
Which class rules are most important according to the teacher
What does your teacher like about you
Is there something that your teacher doesn't like about you
What's the best thing about your daily schedule
Is there someone you don't want to sit with in the class
What is that one thing that should change in your time table
Which school day do you like the most
Do you think your teacher is hardworking
Who works very hard in your class
Which side of the school building/premises makes you feel uncomfortable
What does teacher say to those who forget their homework
What do most children do during recess after finishing food
Do many children leave food in their lunchboxes
What do other children bring for lunch
Do you feel bored sometimes in school
Which activity in school bores you
What's your teacher's favorite word/phrase
Did someone get punished today
Did someone get angry today
Who made you smile today
Who scares you at school
Does someone give you the creeps for no obvious reasons
Do you feel stimulated and challenged while learning
Is there any rule which is very difficult to follow
What are the 2 personality differences between you and your teacher
Does anyone use bad language
Did you feel unsafe or anxious
On a scale of 1-10 how loved do you feel

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