Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Importance of rest

Do you rest?

You will say, "Of course!" 

Do you sit down for 2 minutes and do nothing? Perhaps no. We often mistake rest with reading books, watching T.V. or sleeping. Rest is when the body knows where the mind is and the mind knows where the body is. Rest means to be fully aware of self. Rest is another name of mindfulness.

So, do you rest for 2 minutes 3 times a day? Definitely no. Do you have 6 minutes for yourself. Definitely yes!

Rest is as important for the health as are food, water, sleep. When we work, talk, hear, think there are remnants of the activities we accumulate inside us. Rest is like a mini sweeping-mopping session of the mind, after which all the debris gets cleaned. 

If we don't rest, we become fidgety and anxious. We feel tired after sleeping well because the amount of the remnants keeps increasing. Then we join the meditation classes to do the same.

How to rest?
1.   Close your eyes
2.   Take a deep breath
3.   Feel your body
4.   Feel the environment with closed eyes
5.   Feel your breaths
6.   Open your eyes
7.   Look at something and notice it with positive feelings
8. Look at everything around you

Do it everyday. Take it to 2-minutes each time. You will see a difference.
Do it with your child. You will see a big difference :)

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