Sunday, December 16, 2012

your little Santa

every year your child gives you his wish list before Christmas. you feel amused with the list. you try to give as much as possible. your child feels happy with the goody received. you feel happy to see him happy. you play his Santa every year.

well, try something new this Christmas.

  1. suggest your child that he can be a Santa to someone this year. help him choose a lesser privileged child. (your maid's/ driver's child, a rag-picker on your street, the newspaper-boy or anyone else you know)
  2.  help your child make a  list of not-so-expensive goodies/ things he can get/do for the other child
  3. help him organize the stuff
  4. give a surprise to the other child on 25th morning.

the smile on the other child's face will do wonders to your child's self-esteem. he will feel the surge of generosity. it will add to his positivity.

give the joy of giving to your child !

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