Sunday, November 18, 2012

child abuse

child abuse is on the rise. statistics show that two third of children in India suffer from abuse. it's a shocking revelation. in this time and age, we are unable to protect our children from abuse that may lead to several psychological/ physical disorders and even deaths. it's a matter of grave concern. what's more worrying that many parents, unknowingly and unwittingly are themselves abusing their own kids. they do so because they do not know they are doing a punishable offense of abuse and because they do not know the implications and after effects of this.

child abuse can be of 3 types:

  1. Verbal
  2. physical
  3. sexual
maids abusing small kids sexually, maids renting the kids to beggars,  caretakers/creches drugging the kids for easy management, watchmen demanding sexual favors from kids in the darkness of apartment basements are not  unheard of incidents these days. children often fail to report sexual abuse to their parents as they themselves do not understand what's happening, unless it's too severe. also, they feel scared to tell their parents as in most cases the offender threatens them against it. children fear that their parents will punish them for this.

physical and verbal abuse, sadly, are often inflicted more by parents than by outsiders on children. and in such situation, children do not know any way out. they get beaten up by teachers, they can tell their parents. but if they get beaten up by parents, who do they tell !

some of the effects of abuse on children can be:
  1. depression
  2. poor social skills
  3. anxiety
  4. eating disorders
  5. learning disabilities
  6. psychosis
  7. death
we need to educate and comfort our children on this. we need to reassure them that they can come and tell us whenever they feel slightest discomfort with someone. we need to have our eyes open and mind alert about this. it's not equal to being paranoid. it's just being a little extra cautious.

things we can do to prevent an unwanted situation:
1. we should educate them on the good touch and bad touch, according to their age and gender. 
2. we should avoid leaving our kids with maids at home alone. and if we have to do it, we should drop in on unexpected hours to check on the maid.same to be done with day-care centres or tuition classes
3. we should keep a very clear communication channel with our kids, who shouldnt feel embarrassed or scared in telling us, if something happens

damage once done can never be undone. better be safe than sorry, should be the mantra when it comes to our children at risk of abuse.


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