Sunday, November 18, 2012

academic pressure or madness

when i see kids as small as 3 years old being pushed by their parents to 'study, learn, memorize and perform', i get butterfly sensations in my stomach. not only are the little ones pushed to study, they are also pushed to play, socialize, enjoy; something that would come naturally. leaving the non-academic things aside, it is really painful to watch small kids under hell lot of pressure to 'know and tell the world'..

if there is no good school in the town, parents wish to send their 3 year old ones to boarding school ! if there is name and recognition of a particular school, parents push the child beyond his limits to do well in the admission tests and interviews, and do not consider any other factor that goes into choosing the right school ! if neighbor's kid gets A+ in all pages, parents anxiously start looking for best tutors to take care of their child's B+.

what are we getting into? what are we doing to our kids? is this pressure or something beyond? to me, its madness..we have understood and interpreted the meaning of 'competition' through the filter of our own needs, past successes and failures and we are driving our kids mad.

as summer vacation is approaching, people are frantically approaching me for summer classes. upon asking whats the problem, i come to know, there is no real problem. all i need to do is 'fine tune' the skills..poor kids cant relax and enjoy their own vacations in their own silly, carefree ways. if a 4th grader knows all from grade 4 books, he is sent to me to be taught things from grade 5 books, so that he is in top form when classes start after the break..why? is that really so important? when i ask this to parents, they never return. they perhaps dont want to answer to such silly questions. if i am not greedily taking kids, i am not professional enough, and so i am not talented enough.

poor kids..poor parents! i hope someday, somehow this madness finds a jolt of sensibility and people understand that 'learning has no scope for competition' and competition has no scope for learning'

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